About Me

As your County Councillor, I am here to represent everyone of you in Cambridgeshire, to address your needs and priorities and to help you to achieve your hopes and aspirations.

I am just an ordinary everyday person like you, I am a real person and live in the real world, I stood as a County Councillor as I believe in .

I have experienced living on minimum wage and understand what it is like to live on a limited budget and to pay the bills, feed the kids and clothe them. I am currently involved in research amongst other things.

I have worked hard all of my life and intend to continue doing so. I am involved in politics because it affects every single aspect of our lives. I do not want people telling us how we should live our lives, making the laws and running the country into the ground when they have not got the first clue about actually living and working in the real world.

I am a person who knows of the daily struggles, the cost of fuel, food and taxes continue to rise, we all now look for how to save money when out shopping, how to live on a limited budget, what it is like to have been out of work.

I will listen to you and I will reply to you personally, I cannot promise I can solve your problems, I cannot promise I can get you the outcome you would like but I can promise I will do what I can to help you.

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